The Who

My name is Alexander Nabavi-Noori and I’m a student currently studying Political Science (after a short dance with Electrical Engineering) at UCLA. Politics and Law have been deep interests of mine for a long time, but it is only recently that I realized I also want to pursue them as a career. I’m very interested in debates over Public Policy (I’m a pretty notorious liberal but prefer to develop my opinions based on evidence rather than ideology) and, more recently, the intricacies of Constitutional Law and the relationship between the Federal Government and the States.


The Why

I decided to make this blog as a sort of outlet for my personal thoughts on contemporary policy issues and the things I’m learning by studying legal news1. In high school I joined my school’s chapter of the Junior Statesmen of America and kept a different blog, but this will be the location of my new thoughts. Throughout my time with the club I worked hard to make sure students had an outlet to not only discuss their thoughts on politics, but to learn from each other and create new opinions based on their increasing knowledge through debate. It is my belief that the more people are able to have thoughtful discussions about current political issues, no matter what their knowledge level of these issues, the more they can expand their knowledge and make informed decisions based on the debates they take part in.


The What

I would like to use this blog to share my thoughts on all manner of political and legal discussions, not only to expound my current views on the issues, but also to prompt myself to research them further and possibly develop them more thoroughly and start a debate or discussion about other possible views on these issues.

  1. I also took much of the inspiration on the visual format of this blog (and this introductory post) from the blog of a Federal District Judge’s former blog, Hercules and the Umpire []